Spacewise refrigerated containers are perfect for storing a wide range of products, from securely housing food and drink at outside events, to high value temperature sensitive inventories. All our units have temperatures that range between -35°c to +30°c.

10ft. cold storage solutions

Our 10ft containers can hold up to four euro or metric pallets per layer and come fully supplied with aluminium loading ramps and flat flooring, making it easier to offload palettes.

20ft. cold storage containers

Spacewise deliver 20ft units to clients across the entire country, who use them in many ways; including protecting their assets, streamlining production, facilitating safe distribution, and lengthening the shelf-live of their stock. 

40ft. cold storage containers

Companies are increasingly adopting cold storage container solutions. Our 40ft. units suit the needs of large enterprises particularly well, as they can accommodate huge loads and keep them protected from external temperature changes.

Why invest in Cold Storage Solutions

At Spacewise, we have developed bespoke budget-friendly packages for both short-term and long-term rental, making our units ideal for small and large companies alike.


Container-based storage is very versatile so the following list of industries is by no means exhaustive...

Remote monitoring and Cold Storage

At Spacewise, we are proud of our remote monitoring service. This clever optional facility alerts you to any serious anomalies in temperature change straight away so that you can take immediate action.

3 ways in which cold storage can save money

While strategic considerations differ from one industry to another, the following three ways of the financial impact of container-based cold storage are fairly universal...

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