Remote Monitoring

Refrigerated container storage and transportation has become an accepted part of many industries. However, often there is little point in refrigerating produce if there is no means by which it can be ascertained if the goods have been maintained within the required temperature range throughout the whole of their stay in the container.

Highly perishable goods, such as sea-foods and some pharmaceuticals, become much worse than valueless if their maintenance, in terms of environmental conditions, is compromised – even for a very short time. By worse than valueless, it is meant, of course, that the goods can become positively, and pro-actively, harmful to anyone who consumes them. Not only is this something very much to be avoided in its own right, but also it is to be avoided for commercial reasons. No catering company wants to face law-suits in relation to food poisoning; the much worse consequences and sanctions which could result from poorly kept medications are the stuff of a pharmaceutical companyai??i??s worst nightmare.

The temperature of Spacewise refrigerated containers can be monitored continuously, whilst in transit, and on site. The necessary data is transmitted via the GPRS mobile network to a central data-base system. This information can then be passed on to the customers concerned. Indeed, the customer themselves can access the system via the internet in order to establish that is all is well with their container.

Imagine, the transportation manager of a Cheap coreg drug catering business dispatches a large quantity of sea-foods for a valued customer. Whilst this produce has been kept within that businesses own systems, every care has been taken to ensure that it has remained frozen and has not been compromised in any way. The boxes are loaded into the refrigerated container for a long and arduous journey. The lorry departs. What can the transportation manager now do to ensure that the products arrives in a good state at the other end – so that disaster and litigation does not ensue? If he has chosen a Spacewise container, the manager can rest assured that, even if something untoward does happen to the load, he can at least be informed of this via a remote monitoring system. This means that he can avoid the worst consequences.

A state-of-the-art ai???Remote Monitoringai??i?? system is supplied as an optional extra with all our refrigerated container products. For some products, and some industries, the kind of re-assurance that such a system provides is an absolute necessity at all times. In other industries, it is something which is required on rare occasions. In either case Spacewise is happy to provide this valuable facility.

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